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     The Squam Lakes Region in New Hampshire is a unique and wonderful world in itself.  From the unspoiled natural environment to the warmth and dedication of the individuals and organizations who respect, enjoy, and preserve it, the Squam Lakes area is truly a place where residents and visitors alike can experience natural tranquility at its finest.

     The story of life on Squam Lake, Little Squam, and in the surrounding communities deserves to be told in a way that will make apparent its value.  For 27 years, John Anderson of John Anderson Realty has been committed to marketing and selling real estate by showing the very best qualities a property has to offer.  


     We realize that properties on Squam Lakes require distinctive marketing techniques by a real estate agency that has in-depth knowledge of the communities that make this region what it is.  Whether you are buying or selling a home on Squam Lakes, let us guide you through the often complex steps of a real estate transaction and make this experience as meaningful as life is on Squam Lakes.

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