Squam Lakes Association

​"Dedicated to conserving for public benefit the natural beauty, peaceful character and resources of the watershed. "

     Since its inception in 1904, the mission of the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) has been to conserve and protect the Squam Watershed.  In collaboration with local and state partners, the SLA promotes the protection, careful use and shared enjoyment of the lakes, mountains, forests, open spaces, and wildlife of the Squam Lakes region. 

     The organization boasts a long and impressive list of conservation efforts, as well as educational programs, and the creation/maintenance of some of the best hiking trails in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Its volunteers run summer camps, sailing lessons, provide boat rentals, and perform water quality tests, to name just a few of their many contributions. 


     Today, one cannot think of the Squam Lakes without immediately bringing to mind the SLA’s effort to protect the loon.  Efforts to protect this threatened species began on the two lakes in the mid-1970s and continue today.  Careful monitoring of these sensitive birds, their young, and their nesting sites have helped identify factors that harm this species of water fowl; yet, numbers of breeding adults still remain below historic levels for these lakes.


     Loons, however, are not the only bird monitored by the SLA.  Bald eagles also enjoy the help and care of the people that make up this organization. This American symbol of freedom is also classified as “threatened” in New Hampshire.  The SLA has played a large role in protecting local nesting eagles from human interference; their volunteers have worked to create a permanent buffer around the eagle’s nesting island.  Thanks to SLA’s monitoring, careful efforts, and observations, breeding eagles in the Squam area have been successful in raising more young year after year.

     In the field of nature conservation and education, SLA is one of the best in the state.  The Squam Lakes communities are truly fortunate to have this organization working to preserve the rregion's rich natural life for the enjoyment of all. 

For more information about Squam Lakes Association: https://www.squamlakes.org/

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